True happiness will never be reached without Dry Pants

Happiness is Dry Pants…

How to be happy? What is happiness? And what can make us happy daily? Anything, really… But 9 out of 10, our happiness depends on how dry our pants are. Because a) dry pants are the source of complete satisfaction (pleasure), b) dry pants are the root of health. Without these two metrics, you can’t feel happy. Ever! It doesn’t matter how rich, famous, or superior you are. Because the starting point of happiness, let me add, for the whole of humanity – and yes, I’m not afraid to say that out loud! – is the feeling of pleasure, satisfaction, and health. And what can give you more pleasure than dry pants? No, go ahead, try me… 

So, I think it is the greatest stupidity in the world to search for other – more promising – paths which, in the end, would lead you to sacrifice your comfort and health for something that doesn’t matter. 

Keep your pants dry and enjoy being happy! That’s my motto and the true wisdom I’m sharing with you today. 

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